Black Orpheus

There are several different downloads. First there is the full score for those who are curious.

There are also two Rhythm Charts for non-melody players.

There are ukulele chord diagram charts for all of the chords used in this piece. However, please note that the Rhythm Chart includes some “slash” chords such as Am7/G. These are for the bass player. The ukuleles should ignore the part on the right side of the slash and only play the chord on the left side of the slash. These ukulele chord charts do not include slash chords so for the example of Am7/G you will only find an Am7 chord.

Please note too there are four chord diagram charts. Two are for standard uke and two are for baritone uke. For each of these two types of uke there is are “BASIC” chord diagrams which most people will use. However, there are also “ALTERNATE” chord diagrams for those who might want to try playing same chords but higher up on the neck of the ukulele.

This is an instrument piece with four melody parts Each of the four parts is played by a standard ukulele. In addition, there is a baritone ukulele version for part 1. The music for each part comes in two forms. One form (which is two pages) contains both standard music notation AND TAB. The other form (wh1ch is one page) contains TAB only.